I'm grateful for my family

It has been four years since our last family picture. Here's our picture from Sunday with all of my siblings except my brother
James who is currently on a mission in Argentina.
I am definitely grateful for my family this Thanksgiving.
(We didn't color coordinate, but that's what black and white pictures are for! :)


Mylee said...

Wow, that is quite a group. No color coordinating that is so not like you! Actually I like it better. It looks great. How are you liking your new home? Have you made new friends yet? I haven't but I haven't seemed to care for three years so why start now! But I think I might like a few so maybe I will get adventurous and start inviting friends to "play" :)

Hank&Marilyn said...

Wow! It was so great to see this picture. You all look well and happy! I would not recognize many of the children if they weren't grouped with you as they have changed and grown...We love you each. Happy Holidays!! All 25 of us will be together for Christmas as Julie and Jason are coming from Switzerland. Check my girls blogs later....Much love, Aunt Marilyn

Sarah Albrecht said...

I haven't seen all your family together before. What a great group. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kris said...

How fun! It was great to see everyone together! I think I've met most of them at one time or another except Jenny's family (and the newest additions since Jan. 2005).