The Plan.... Haley style

Haley is teaching Grant viola lessons this summer. In payment for that I said I would pay to redecorate her room. We worked hard getting it cleaned top to bottom and de-cluttering. She learned how to patch walls and touch up paint. She decided to get a new rug instead of a new paint color for her room. We had  a good time picking everything out and spray painting a lot of her existing room stuff. It was fun teaching her a few design principles and seeing it all come together. She kept within her budget of $200 and I think she did a great job!


I LOVE my kids!

With the addition of Calvin, I had to update the "LOVE" pics of the kids... They don't all fit in one frame anymore, so I changed it up a little. I found these frames for $5 at Walmart! Thanks to my Vegas buddy Amy for the idea. (I miss her and her good ideas :) It's amazing how fast everyone has grown up since these were taken! 


The Plan

I've been reading a great book by Merilee Boyak,
Product Details
A pretty detailed plan and ideas for helping your kids learn to work and be independent, competent adults. LOVE IT! One really good point she makes is that kids have never loved working (I thought it was just mine). It is our job as parents to train and teach them to work. She details a plan of what kids should know by certain ages.

We try to do interviews with the kids on Sundays (at least once a month). This will help me plan what they need to be learning and what Jeff and I need to be teaching them. So far Grant and Tyler are all over it and loving passing off the younger ages and looking forward to what they are going to learn. Haley is excited about learning to buy things on the internet, shop for cars and learn to decorate her room. Once Dallin found out you don't actually get a car when you are done, he's not interested....

If nothing else it is a good roadmap for what I need to be doing to help train some competent adults.


I love to see the temples!

We have 2 big maps on the wall (one of the U.S. and one of the world) in our game room, for FHE we printed a list of the current temples and put a little stick on diamond on each temple. It was amazing how long it took to put them on. It is amazing to see how temples literally dot the earth. It will be fun to add the new temples as they are announced and completed.