"What da heck?"

OK... Tyler can't be five. That went by way too fast. We had a fun time yesterday. He opened his presents first thing in the morning (I'm not sure where that tradition started) An hour later he got out his birthday scrapbook that has a page for each birthday and asked why I hadn't put his birthday pictures in yet... Give me time, I don't feel like it's behind until they have another birthday. Anyway, very fun day of presents, cake, Chuck E. Cheese, ginormous cupcake bigger than Tyler (from his Primary teachers), phone calls from Grandma, and overall being treated like a king. (although that last one happens on non-birthdays more often than we'd like to admit... we're working on it). Happy Birthday Tyler! We love you!


Peace on Earth, "Good-will" rocks!

Problem: When you walk in my front door, if my bedroom door is open you can see my bed. (Side note: One of my neighbors with the same floorplan has a mirror on the wall above her bed. She was in the shower and her kids opened the front door. Let's just say she made eye contact with the person at the door while in the shower. Yikes!) No mirror for us and we've gotten in the habit of making it, but really.... it's annoying. The other day at Goodwill I saw this hutch and I couldn't get it out of my head... "where could I use that?!?" I couldn't figure it out and I didn't buy it. When I got home I saw the half wall and it hit me... That's where I could put it! It's two sided so it would look good on both sides. I went back and got it. A couple of coats of paint by me and some trim work by my handy brother David later... built in shelf. Cost $20, plus about $30 in supplies. Not being able to see my bed from the front door... Priceless!


In my pretty garden...

Ok... I'll admit it. I'm addicted to gardening. (and Goodwill and maybe Diet Coke, but that's another post) I love my garden. I drag my family outside to see it and tell them about each of the plants. (To their credit they try to seem interested.) I love being able to go outside and get everything I need for a salad. I love seeing my kids pick veggies and eat them right out of the garden. Most of all I love the quiet, peace and beauty of being outside and puttering in my garden.