Yummy Peaches

The big deal around here lately is "Utah Peaches". Everyone has them for sale advertised as "Utah Peaches". I've canned a bunch and made jam this last week. I'm actually pretty sick of Utah Peaches now. But thanks Utah for sharing your bounty with us lowly Arizonans!


That's a lot of hair...

Haley and her friends had a little retro fun the other night. They had a great time dressing up 80's and making a music video. It was fun for me to demonstrate my bang and side-wing skills (it's like riding a bike I guess) They were impressed that I still remembered how to do 80's hair. Here's hoping that hair that big, and that much make up never comes back in style! :)


More Young Women in Excellence

Here are some more pictures from our "I Believe" Young Women in Excellence. We have some amazing women in our ward that worked very hard to make it look so nice. It was really a special evening.


David rocks!

Ok... I think I have a pretty awesome brother (ok 4 awesome brothers) David is such a good sport to help me out. He put in some shelves for me. We don't have much storage space in this house and these will help. The best part is I think I learned how to do it so I may be able to do it in another closet. Thanks David!


"I Believe"

For Young Women in Excellence tonight we copied an idea I found on a blog. Part of what we're doing is we had the girls write out their testimonies and we typed them up and put them on these to give the girls. I'm happy with how they turned out and so grateful to work with such amazing girls in YW. They have such strong good spirits.


Help from a "higher power"

"When you press that button on the Wii, Jesus helps you you can't see him, he just helps you."

Glad to know we have extra help for the really
important things! :)


Rain, Rain don't go away!!!!

Saturday we had a great surprise, a morning with lots of rain! We had fun (ok the kids had fun, I was under the patio taking pics and staying dry) playing in the rain and jumping in the pool and puddles. We love the rain!!!


"If you leave, I be shy"

Tyler finally started preschool last week. He was very excited, but a little nervous. I was a little sad leaving him but he had a great time. I am not looking forward to next year (gone all day for kindergarten), two hours is long enough!