Now if I could just scrapbook...

I've had my scrapbook stuff randomly in my closet, on the floor etc. I got some shelves from Home Depot and put them up. I love that everything is in one spot. Now maybe that it's organized it will start getting caught up, right? 


"I know my Savior loves me"

Tyler's cousin Emily is playing over today. They were sitting on the couch reading books. It was one of those priceless moments. They were so sweet, taking turns reading each page. The phrase that came up almost every page was, "I know my Savior loves me". Very sweet. Of course now, it's back to reality and Tyler is in time out for chasing Emily to take away the book she was reading. But I am grateful for the small moments.


Trust Bank

We've started a new job chart/allowance/everything else system. So far it's working pretty good. I have really been overwhelmed with keeping the house clean and needing more help. We still had the same job chart from when we were in Vegas and a lot of the jobs didn't apply. It's been great having more help ( I am getting a lot less picky about it being perfect and just grateful that it's getting done). 

One part of the chart I really like is the "Trust Bank". When you are trustworthy (come home on time, do a job without being asked etc.) You earn points in the Trust Bank. If you are untrustworthy (lie, etc.) you lose points. When it comes time to do something that requires a little trust (a late-over or something) we take a look at the bank and see how it's going. This has been really helpful with my 7 year old. For some reason around 7 or 8 all of my kids have gone through a lying phase. It tries my patience, but it must be age appropriate (or something, right?!?) . The trust bank has been a good visual way to teach how trust must be earned. 

Hopefully we can keep it going. This mom thing is a lot of work! :)


Don't look too close, I didn't dust!

We got the curtains and lamp hung (when I say we... I mean David...) and the living room is done. It's been a lot of fun to put the house together. I am especially glad that the leak is all fixed and we don't have workers at our house everyday anymore. That was a long 3-4 weeks!!!


He's Home!!!!

When I was a freshman in high school my youngest brother James was born. My friends always got tired of my "James is so cute" stories. You'll have to put up with one more. My brother James just got home from his 2 year mission to Cordoba, Argentina (or as Tyler calls it "Obabadoba") He is such a great guy. Everyone loves James and that is absolutely true. I am so blessed to have him for a brother. We spent a great day together yesterday. My kids were all so excited to see him and he hasn't even gotten his Star Wars toys and paint ball guns out of storage yet. 
Welcome Home James! We love you!


Who needs football?

Haley, Dallin and Grant are all playing basketball right now. Jeff is coaching Grant's team.  It's been fun to go to their games. Good job guys!


Tyler is 4! Yikes, that makes me so sad, but we had such a fun time celebrating I guess it's o.k. For days before Tyler kept asking, "Now am I 4?" Even minutes later, "Am I 4 now?" We had fun celebrating with family (My brother Chris turns 28 today) 

As you can see Tyler enjoyed the birthday attention from Haley's friends. This may be good blackmail material later on... :)

Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Breakfast! Yum!

Good Morning and Happy Birthday!!! Tyler got cards with money and when he had opened them all he said, "I'm not Tyler anymore I rich! " Every present he opened he said "What?, What? What?!?!" It was very cute and we are so glad to have Tyler in our family! Happy birthday T-Man!!!