Trust Bank

We've started a new job chart/allowance/everything else system. So far it's working pretty good. I have really been overwhelmed with keeping the house clean and needing more help. We still had the same job chart from when we were in Vegas and a lot of the jobs didn't apply. It's been great having more help ( I am getting a lot less picky about it being perfect and just grateful that it's getting done). 

One part of the chart I really like is the "Trust Bank". When you are trustworthy (come home on time, do a job without being asked etc.) You earn points in the Trust Bank. If you are untrustworthy (lie, etc.) you lose points. When it comes time to do something that requires a little trust (a late-over or something) we take a look at the bank and see how it's going. This has been really helpful with my 7 year old. For some reason around 7 or 8 all of my kids have gone through a lying phase. It tries my patience, but it must be age appropriate (or something, right?!?) . The trust bank has been a good visual way to teach how trust must be earned. 

Hopefully we can keep it going. This mom thing is a lot of work! :)


Amy said...

I really need to know more about your job chart/trust bank. It sounds great. We've got to get a good system in place before #4 arrives. I'm too tired to do it all.

Angela said...

I'll mail you a copy. You'll do great with four, those girls will be such good helpers.