Freezer Friday - Bread Machine Mixes

Sundays are a bit crazy at my house. We have 8:30 church, but I have to be there early. I often have meetings right after church as well. Something about sitting at church for 3 hours makes my family ravenous. They are starving when they get home. One thing that has helped is having bread machine mix kits ready to go so we can easily put it in before we leave. When everyone gets home, hot fresh homemade bread hits the spot.

Super easy, not a new idea, but it has helped me tremendously. I just pick my favorite bread machine recipe and combine all the dry ingredients (except the yeast) into a quart size bag. Label it with what needs to be added and pop them in the freezer. It really isn't hard to make up 20 or more of these.

When it is time to bake add wet ingredients first, then dump contents of bag on top. Lastly, add yeast ensuring that it doesn't mix with the wet ingredients. Turn on machine and you are ready to go. This is an easy thing to train your kids to do. Grant is the official bread machine baker at our house. It's so nice to just ask him to put in a loaf of bread before church.


Mylee said...

I love this idea! I go in phases with my bread maker. I haven't used it in awhile. Maybe it's time to bust it out again!
p.s. 8:30 church... YUCK!

Janet said...

great idea! what is your favorite bread machine recipe?