Just one more James story...

My brother James was born when I was a freshman in high school. While he was growing up I would always tell my friends all the cute things he was doing. One day my friend told me "No more James stories!" (I must have sounded like a proud grandma or something, always talking about the cute things he did.) Anyway... I have always been proud of James. I always joke that he turned out better than any of us, he got to see all the mistakes we made and do better. He got married on Saturday to a beautiful girl (inside and out). It was such a special day. I loved being around all of my brothers and sister and their families so much. We had a great time and enjoyed being together. Everything was beautiful and they are very happy. So if you will indulge me, here is one more James story... :)  
My kids also had a great time with their cousins. The cousins from Idaho even talked my kids into swimming (it pretty much took their breath away, it was so cold!) Their favorite part was "decorating" James and Tricia's car. They had a lot of fun making memories this weekend.


"Dinner of Family Love"

A few years ago my friend Robin (a mom to 4 cute boys) told me how each Valentine's Day she did a "Dinner of Brotherly Love" for her family. I thought that sounded fun, so we've been doing our "Dinner of Family Love" for a few years now. We did it early this year because we have an exciting weekend coming up (my brother James is getting married!!!!! :) I love my family! Happy Valentines Day!


Follow the Prophet

At a friend's house the other day I noticed she had a small picture of President Monson. What a good idea, so I totally copied her and then ended up putting the vinyl letters I ordered a while ago near the picture too. It all happens to be by the computer (which is a happy coincidence and a good reminder that the prophet is watching... :)