Judd Bus is Leaving

I'd like to say I'm with it enough to take pictures of all the chaos of packing and boxes that surrounds me, but you'll just have to trust me. It's a little crazy around here. We are getting packed up and loaded up the next couple of days and then it's down to Arizona. When we'll get there we'll get rid of some hay on some walls (don't ask), and faux finishes on all the rest. Then we'll get all moved in down there.

It's been an "emotional roller coaster". We are so sad to leave our good friends here. We are happy to be joining our family and friends in Arizona.

Well... Time to take apart the computer, box up our lives and move on down the road.

Love you guys!


15 Years!

Fifteen years. Wow! That makes us sound so old. We don't look any different from fifteen years ago, do we? I would do it all again. Happy Anniversary Jeff!