All the whos down in whoville...

Haley and 23 of her closest friends (yikes, right?... nearly all of them are in our ward) had quite the party. We did the Grinch thing, Cindy-lou hair and all the green food I could think of. (Carmel popcorn turned green looks pretty gross if you ask me...) They had fun and I was amazed how much teenage girls can eat :) Haley is no longer one of my Beehives... but I am so proud of the great young woman she is!


Yay! The Ornament Exchange!

My friend and I hosted an ornament exchange for the YW Board. It was great to get that tradition going again. It sure made me remember all the many years of ornament exchanges and the good times with good women.


Some things never change...

It's been a few years since the Yankees won the World Series. When we were first married I figured they just always won, because they always won. Jeff was a happy man this year, his Yankees won it again. Haley looks a little older this time though, right?


It's that time of year again....

Ok, so for the past several years my good friend has taken pictures of my kids each fall. She always did a great job. This year I had to do it myself. Group shots were not my favorite. (see picture above) but the ones of them by themselves turned out ok. I don't know how to do the fun actions that make them look cool (I miss you Amy!) but at least they are done!


Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween. Haley and some of her friends were the villains from Disney movies (I remember when she wanted to be the princess, but that was a long time ago :)

Dallin and Grant were nerds. A couple of their friends ended up being nerds too. It was fun and they really got into character.

Jeff was.....drum roll please..... A Yankee! Can you believe it? OK... that was a little sarcasm, Jeff has been a Yankee just about every year that we've been married. Tyler was Darth Vader and the best part was when we were taking pictures he (with mask on) would always say "Cheeeeeeeese". Very funny. I was a busy mom, but I wore an orange shirt (with a black shirt underneath even... very spirited) Halloween is pretty hectic but it was fun to have the kids bring all their friends over.


The wheels on the bus

Tyler gets to ride the bus to preschool. (He's in the speech program) I think he likes the bus ride as much as he likes preschool. Pretty fun stuff. (Notice it's taken me until the end of October to finally get a picture of him on the bus.)

"What bus do you ride Tyler?"

"The short one" :)


P.O.D. (Purchase of the Day)

I found this entire modular desk set at Goodwill the other day for $55. It's from Ballard Designs. I went online and looked it up, if I were to buy all the pieces it would be $2300. Crazy!!!!

We also did these fun circle pin board and magnet boards for Haley's wall. Gotta love spray paint, especially all the great colors it comes in now.


No more excuses... :)

I love this website. It lets you pick what you want to read, set up a program and then they send you emails with the reading and even audio if you want it. You can take notes and even get your Sunday School Lessons and Ensign. Amazing.


Come to Zion

Our favorite things about Zion National Park this year:

Everyone but Tyler hiked Angel's Landing. (and we all made it out alive :)

Having Grandma and Grandpa Judd come for the day.

The fall colors were amazing.

Jeff and I got to spend a day alone in the park, which was great. Thanks grandma and grandpa!


Yummy Peaches

The big deal around here lately is "Utah Peaches". Everyone has them for sale advertised as "Utah Peaches". I've canned a bunch and made jam this last week. I'm actually pretty sick of Utah Peaches now. But thanks Utah for sharing your bounty with us lowly Arizonans!


That's a lot of hair...

Haley and her friends had a little retro fun the other night. They had a great time dressing up 80's and making a music video. It was fun for me to demonstrate my bang and side-wing skills (it's like riding a bike I guess) They were impressed that I still remembered how to do 80's hair. Here's hoping that hair that big, and that much make up never comes back in style! :)


More Young Women in Excellence

Here are some more pictures from our "I Believe" Young Women in Excellence. We have some amazing women in our ward that worked very hard to make it look so nice. It was really a special evening.