Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween. Haley and some of her friends were the villains from Disney movies (I remember when she wanted to be the princess, but that was a long time ago :)

Dallin and Grant were nerds. A couple of their friends ended up being nerds too. It was fun and they really got into character.

Jeff was.....drum roll please..... A Yankee! Can you believe it? OK... that was a little sarcasm, Jeff has been a Yankee just about every year that we've been married. Tyler was Darth Vader and the best part was when we were taking pictures he (with mask on) would always say "Cheeeeeeeese". Very funny. I was a busy mom, but I wore an orange shirt (with a black shirt underneath even... very spirited) Halloween is pretty hectic but it was fun to have the kids bring all their friends over.


Sarah said...

cute costumes! Love those dangling eyeballs. Very clever you are!

Rachel M said...

You are such a nice mom! (Make your kids read that) Love the costumes and decor! Who was the swine flu-pretty funny:)