"Do you own rubber gloves?"

Where ever we have lived, when my brother David comes to visit I always have a little (or big) list of "honey-do's" for him. He's actually a pretty good sport about it and has left all our houses better than he found them. I think David would say one of the reasons we moved here, was so I would be closer to his services. That may be true.  :) He's a multi-talented guy and I've appreciated his help. His wife Julie is nice to let him come help me out.  Thanks guys. I owe you big time!


Key Biscayne

Jeff and I had a great trip to Florida last week. I had never been there, it was really beautiful. We were on a little island right by Miami, Key Biscayne.  Jeff had meetings for work in the morning and we had the afternoons free. I loved walking along the beach and biking around the island. Very fun.  I think I'm in love with Banyan trees. If I could get some at Star Nursery and plant them (and had a hundred or so years to let them grow and look cool) my yard would be full of them.  We were surprised when walking through a little park to see a crocodile just a few feet away. I guess we have black widows and scorpions, they have crocodiles... I think I would choose the black widows. :) Thanks mom for watching the kids! Back to real life, but it was nice to have a little break!


A whole new world...

We have now entered the world of Orthodontia. I'm thinking it's kind of like diapers. For the next several years at least one of my kids is probably going to have a mouth full of metal. I guess the upside is this time, I don't have to change them. :)


Just in case...

Just in case you were wondering what a plumbing manifold is.
Now I know. Even better than that, I know exactly where mine are. The plumber told me I should take pictures in case this ever happened again, so the next plumber would know where they are. Good advice. Let's hope I never need it. 


Tyler Started Preschool!

I know this is a "fall" kind of post, but Tyler had a big day this week. He started preschool! He registered for one in Las Vegas, but with all the moving excitement he didn't get to go. We finally got our act together and now he will go 2 days a week. Yay for Tyler! and Yay for mom!


I'd rather be hiking...

Slab leak + 3 year old with the flu = not a fun day

So instead of boring you with the details... (I'd rather forget actually) Here are some fun pictures from  our hike to Squaw Peak on New Year's Eve. 

Jeff and the older kids made it to the top. (a pretty steep 1.2 miles) Tyler and I made it just over half way. Pretty good for a 3 year old. 

I was surprised at all the memories going there brought back.  I have a pretty cool scar on my leg from an early morning hike with my brother when I was in high school and Squaw Peak is where Jeff first told me he loved me. Good times.  


Gimme a Break

This afternoon I was a little "exasperated" with Haley. Here is the dialog in the car with me, Haley and Tyler. 

Me, (to Haley) "Give me a stinking break"
Tyler, "We don't say stinking. We just say give me a break, not a stinking break."
Thanks for keeping me in line Tyler.