"My Brain told me"

This is why I love being a mom. Here's a conversation with Tyler this morning:

Me, "how did you know that?"
Tyler, "My brain just told me that. Does your brain ever tell you stuff? When I was very little my brain told me to pray, but how old was I?"
Me, "I'm not sure"
Tyler , "We better look in my book."

How am I going to send him to Kindergarten next year?!?!


Watch out Humpty

On the way to roll eggs between Conference sessions on Saturday I mentioned to my kids that not everyone rolls eggs. They were so surprised! " I thought everyone did this!" Nope, I told them I had never even heard of it until I married your dad. (I'm not sure what we DID with all the eggs we colored.) I think since we got married we have rolled eggs every year. It's evolved a little bit into throwing, but it's always a lot of fun. Good idea Judds!


It's a little too quiet....

I had that little mom alarm go off the other day. It was quiet... too quiet. You know the kind where you find your kids dumping flour on the ground, drawing on the walls, you get the idea. I went around and checked on everyone, and wouldn't you know it they were all busily occupied, happy and quiet. I had to take a picture of everyone. They didn't even notice, and for at least the next 10 minutes I was out of a job.


Good-bye Tonsils!

This is the way Haley and Grant communicated for about a week. They each had a magna-doodle and a bell. It was a long week. (2 actually) They were in a lot of pain. Thankfully we are on the other side and now hope to be strep free (Haley) and able to breathe at night (Grant).