I saw this idea on Becky Higgings blog. I loved it and wanted to do it. Later that day I found this great shadowbox frame at Goodwill for $5. Added the lettering and quote and now before we eat dinner, I have everyone write what they are grateful for. So far so good. It's been a good daily reminder. I hung it and it is fun to see it fill up with our blessings. I love looking around and seeing the reminders to be grateful around the house. Happy Thanksgiving!




I feel like I've been a little bit missing in action. I don't do much, I have very low expectations for myself each day and even those often get pushed until tomorrow. I really did forget how not fun this first part of pregnancy is. Hopefully I'm almost done with this part and ready to feel a little bit like myself again. You know... care if the house is clean, care if plants are dying, care if my kids have been playing video games for an hour or two.....

Today I had an ultrasound and saw little Judd jr.  It made me remember exactly why I am willing to go through all of this. It's worth it, I just forgot for a little while. :)


My boys and baseball

4 games a week. That's what it's been. It's nice not to have games on Saturdays, but most of our Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Wednesday and Fridays are spent at the baseball field. I decided a while ago to like baseball. (It was either that, or be grumpy a lot) It's busy, but it is fun to be with my boys and watch baseball. Next year there will be 3 playing (I'm secretly trying to convince Tyler that tennis is way more fun, I'll let you know how that goes) and it will be even busier. It's a good thing I like baseball.


Overgrown bushes beware!

I pulled out some overgrown bushes in front of my house and have really enjoyed having a place to plant flowers. It kind of spread to all three areas in the front of my house. I have just been experimenting, it's like painting with flowers (and patience because you have to wait for them to grow and fill in). I'm hooked and will now be one of those old ladies who gets upset if the dog runs through her flowers...


Is there a 12 step program for Goodwill Addiction?

I have been trying not to go to Goodwill too often, but we live near four of them and it's hard not to go once in a while. I have scored a few good things lately.... Can you guess what is from Goodwill in the picture above?

$50 bucks for both. They are well made but a little worn. It makes it ok to put your feet up and the other day there were 10 sweaty boys sitting around my living room. I was glad I could just relax and let them hang out, I wasn't worried about the chairs getting ruined. I love them and couldn't believe I found orange ones!

$25. I like it. I like that it brings some blue into a very warm palette of colors in this room.

$10 for the lamp
Different room, but $30 for the chair. It is a lazyboy and very comfy. This is where I read my scriptures. I like having them set out, it helps me remember to read.
$80. I painted it and bought new hardware. So I spent another $60 on that. This is solid oak from Broyhill and very heavy. We have it in our bedroom, it's nice to have the TV hidden. The plant on top was $4, I just put it there. I'm not sure if I like it there or if I need to add something.
There you have it. I have gotten lucky, but I need to stay away. It's fun to go because you never know what you will find! 



I planted several fruit trees last year. I had to pick off most of the fruit this year when it was little so the trees could grow(not just the fruit).  I wanted to leave one on each tree, just to see it grow. These are on an Earligrande peach tree. I thought I left just one on, but we just found the other one growing. It is so exciting!!!! ( I need to get out more, I know...)

These are some grapes I have growing over an arbor at the entrance to our side yard and garden. I am always amazed at nature. What an amazing thing, each plant knows what it is, and what it is going to become. I need to learn more about grapes and pruning (I should have paid more attention when we lived in Fresno.) 

Here is some more fruit... not as healthy, but very yummy. Our local farmer's market had these huge Granny Smith apples so I tried to make caramel apples. I have loved eating them, but had never made one before. It wasn't too hard. They don't look perfect, but they taste great! 


A great cause!!!!

Ashby button

Hey everyone (if anyone is out there... :) Please check out this fundraiser for my good friend Melinda's sister's family. Her husband was in a accident that left him with a severe spinal cord injury. They have two boys on missions and need some help. If you can, please check it out!


"My Brain told me"

This is why I love being a mom. Here's a conversation with Tyler this morning:

Me, "how did you know that?"
Tyler, "My brain just told me that. Does your brain ever tell you stuff? When I was very little my brain told me to pray, but how old was I?"
Me, "I'm not sure"
Tyler , "We better look in my book."

How am I going to send him to Kindergarten next year?!?!


Watch out Humpty

On the way to roll eggs between Conference sessions on Saturday I mentioned to my kids that not everyone rolls eggs. They were so surprised! " I thought everyone did this!" Nope, I told them I had never even heard of it until I married your dad. (I'm not sure what we DID with all the eggs we colored.) I think since we got married we have rolled eggs every year. It's evolved a little bit into throwing, but it's always a lot of fun. Good idea Judds!


It's a little too quiet....

I had that little mom alarm go off the other day. It was quiet... too quiet. You know the kind where you find your kids dumping flour on the ground, drawing on the walls, you get the idea. I went around and checked on everyone, and wouldn't you know it they were all busily occupied, happy and quiet. I had to take a picture of everyone. They didn't even notice, and for at least the next 10 minutes I was out of a job.


Good-bye Tonsils!

This is the way Haley and Grant communicated for about a week. They each had a magna-doodle and a bell. It was a long week. (2 actually) They were in a lot of pain. Thankfully we are on the other side and now hope to be strep free (Haley) and able to breathe at night (Grant).


Just one more James story...

My brother James was born when I was a freshman in high school. While he was growing up I would always tell my friends all the cute things he was doing. One day my friend told me "No more James stories!" (I must have sounded like a proud grandma or something, always talking about the cute things he did.) Anyway... I have always been proud of James. I always joke that he turned out better than any of us, he got to see all the mistakes we made and do better. He got married on Saturday to a beautiful girl (inside and out). It was such a special day. I loved being around all of my brothers and sister and their families so much. We had a great time and enjoyed being together. Everything was beautiful and they are very happy. So if you will indulge me, here is one more James story... :)  
My kids also had a great time with their cousins. The cousins from Idaho even talked my kids into swimming (it pretty much took their breath away, it was so cold!) Their favorite part was "decorating" James and Tricia's car. They had a lot of fun making memories this weekend.