I planted several fruit trees last year. I had to pick off most of the fruit this year when it was little so the trees could grow(not just the fruit).  I wanted to leave one on each tree, just to see it grow. These are on an Earligrande peach tree. I thought I left just one on, but we just found the other one growing. It is so exciting!!!! ( I need to get out more, I know...)

These are some grapes I have growing over an arbor at the entrance to our side yard and garden. I am always amazed at nature. What an amazing thing, each plant knows what it is, and what it is going to become. I need to learn more about grapes and pruning (I should have paid more attention when we lived in Fresno.) 

Here is some more fruit... not as healthy, but very yummy. Our local farmer's market had these huge Granny Smith apples so I tried to make caramel apples. I have loved eating them, but had never made one before. It wasn't too hard. They don't look perfect, but they taste great! 

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Jennifer said...

Hey, those apples look so YUMMY! Send some our way would ya. Your fruit look like they are doing well. Keep up the great work!