I'd rather be hiking...

Slab leak + 3 year old with the flu = not a fun day

So instead of boring you with the details... (I'd rather forget actually) Here are some fun pictures from  our hike to Squaw Peak on New Year's Eve. 

Jeff and the older kids made it to the top. (a pretty steep 1.2 miles) Tyler and I made it just over half way. Pretty good for a 3 year old. 

I was surprised at all the memories going there brought back.  I have a pretty cool scar on my leg from an early morning hike with my brother when I was in high school and Squaw Peak is where Jeff first told me he loved me. Good times.  

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Sarah Albrecht said...

Love the picture, Angela...nice reminder to soothe a crummy day with great memories. And thanks so much for coming down. We all loved your visit & are looking forward to the next.