The wheels on the bus

Tyler gets to ride the bus to preschool. (He's in the speech program) I think he likes the bus ride as much as he likes preschool. Pretty fun stuff. (Notice it's taken me until the end of October to finally get a picture of him on the bus.)

"What bus do you ride Tyler?"

"The short one" :)


Jennifer said...

"hey tyler"says sterling "I rode one of those, they're awesome huh!"
Mine even had car seats and seat belts does yours?"

You look like a big school boy Tyler.

Angela said...

He has seat belts, no car seats that I know of though. He's worried next year about the big bus with no seat belts. He's a little bit of a follow the rules kind of kid. :)

Amye Kay said...

I am trying to see if my 2 1/2 year old will qualify. He calls that bus the Little bus!