Freezer Friday - Red Chili Sauce Enchiladas

A great way to use your freezer, but still enjoy "fresh made from scratch" taste is to make the sauces ahead of time and then assemble your ingredients when you are ready to cook it.

One of our favorite recipes is Mel's Kitchen Cafe's Red Chili Sauce Chicken Enchiladas.

The sauce isn't difficult, but if you are going to the trouble to make it you might as well make a triple or even quadruple batch. (It is that good!) Same amount of pans and utensils dirtied, but what a bang for your buck!

Rather than assemble and then freeze your enchiladas, just freeze the sauce. Freeze the extra in freezer bags or Ziploc containers. Just label and defrost when you are ready to use.

This is a great recipe to use your home canned beef or chicken in. That makes preparing the enchiladas super fast.

Printable version of recipe.

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