Tyler is 4! Yikes, that makes me so sad, but we had such a fun time celebrating I guess it's o.k. For days before Tyler kept asking, "Now am I 4?" Even minutes later, "Am I 4 now?" We had fun celebrating with family (My brother Chris turns 28 today) 

As you can see Tyler enjoyed the birthday attention from Haley's friends. This may be good blackmail material later on... :)

Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Breakfast! Yum!

Good Morning and Happy Birthday!!! Tyler got cards with money and when he had opened them all he said, "I'm not Tyler anymore I rich! " Every present he opened he said "What?, What? What?!?!" It was very cute and we are so glad to have Tyler in our family! Happy birthday T-Man!!!


Amye Kay said...

What a sweet boy. I like your breakfast plate...do you use that one each birthday?

Angie said...

Happy b-day Tyler!!! I can't believe he is 4 either. He is such a cute little guy. Oh, and I love the sports pennant wheel in their room. That totally reminds me of Jeff and Brian's room when we were growing up, except they had it on their ceiling.