"What da heck?"

OK... Tyler can't be five. That went by way too fast. We had a fun time yesterday. He opened his presents first thing in the morning (I'm not sure where that tradition started) An hour later he got out his birthday scrapbook that has a page for each birthday and asked why I hadn't put his birthday pictures in yet... Give me time, I don't feel like it's behind until they have another birthday. Anyway, very fun day of presents, cake, Chuck E. Cheese, ginormous cupcake bigger than Tyler (from his Primary teachers), phone calls from Grandma, and overall being treated like a king. (although that last one happens on non-birthdays more often than we'd like to admit... we're working on it). Happy Birthday Tyler! We love you!

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Amye Kay said...

I like this cake idea. Brayden will be 3 in a few weeks and is addicted to Lighting. I might have to steal your idea.