Happy Halloween!

We're here in Arizona and getting settled. I would like to say I have some amazing post after not posting for so long... but if I try to be too creative it will just take me longer to get this posted. Here's a quick recap...
Angie and kids come to AZ
House gets painted and ready to go
Jeff and Tyler join us (yay!)
The kids start school (they are doing great, BTW :)
Big truck full of all our stuff comes and gets delivered
We unpack and unpack and then unpack some more
I have yet to catch my breath, but it is starting to sink in that we are here. We did have a good time on Halloween. It was great to have cousins (my sister and 3 of her kids were in town) and my brother and his wife and kids came over too. It is really nice to have family around.

Here's some pictures from Halloween...

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Amy said...

So you've been in your house for two weeks tops and you've not only moved in, painted, had guests for a week, had a wedding, registered the kids for school, etc. etc. but you also put up your Halloween decorations AND planted live plants for your porch outside. I knew you were the most productive person I know but this is taking it to levels I never imagined! Wow!