"I am a Child of God too!"

Yesterday while driving with Tyler he was singing a song about "flush you down the toilet, hope you enjoy it.." (Thank you older brothers...) Trying to get him to sing a new song, (we had already had the "bathroom talk" talk about the song) I said, "Do you know "I am a Child of God"? Incredulous, he answered, "YOU ARE? I AM A CHILD OF GOD TOO!" So he may sing songs about flushing you down the toilet but at least he knows he's a child of God. :)

Also yesterday, 12:30a.m. Grant came in to get us up because Dallin was hurting. (Too much tackle football at the park) The next morning Grant said to me, "I'm glad I came to get you, it's just like when Haley went to get you when I was quacking like a penguin."
I wasn't sure what he meant at first, but then I remembered when he had croup and was "barking like a seal" (close enough)

Who needs TV... kids are entertaining enough! :)


Mylee said...

Ohhh, I love to hear kid stories! That is awesome. I didn't know penguins quacked :) Too funny,

Mylee said...

Hey, I was wondering if any of the ol' Fresno gang has blogs that you know of? Let me know. I think i convinced Terri that it's okay to have one so maybe she will do one

Angie said...

We would be so bored without our kids around to keep us laughing.

thepinkwhit said...

Those stories are hilarious! How is Dallin doing?