Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Ours was great. I love Christmas. We seem to just hang out in jammies all day and just enjoy being together. A personal chef and maid for the day (or week) would make it just about perfect. We enjoyed a lot of our fun traditions and had a great time. Here are a couple of highlights. If you want to see more, I'd love to have you over and show a slide show of the over 300 pictures I took this weekend :)

"Screaming Bansheep!!!!!!!!" Tyler is still very excited. Even today at dinner when we were asking for "highs", his is "Santa brought me Screaming Bansheep!" Way to go Santa!

The annual "sleep in the same room, and line up in age order when mom and dad say it's time to come out ritual".  I love it!  Christmas Eve our kids said, we wait until seven and then wake you up right? Way to go... I could have gone for earlier, but seven is good. Luckily we "scored" a blowhorn at the white elephant gift exchange and we were able to hear them loud and clear... :)

The Nativity! Very fun and a little crazy. Fun to be with our Lish cousins for the first time ever on Christmas Eve.

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Sarah said...

Trenton got that screaming Banshee too but I don't think he quite gets how to work it yet. I love the whole sleep int he same room thing! I remember doing that growing up.