and Peaches makes 7

When we told the kids we were moving, Haley and Dallin took it pretty hard. We felt AWFUL! I felt like, "what are we doing to our kids?!?!?! " I think they both could sense our desperation and went in for the kill... We told them separately and at different times. But, Haley's response to us (after tears, and "what about this...") was "I want a dog!" and Dallin's was "I want a macaw!" I think they knew after all these years of saying no to pets, if they were ever going to get us to say yes, this was the time.

So fast forward 3 months. You have one very happy Dallin. He has loved birds for a long time and now has his own parakeet, Peaches. (A macaw was a little out of our price range... :)

Haley is excited too, because she finally got the green light. We are going to start preparing to get a dog... yikes. I almost feel like we're having a baby. Any suggestions or tips on dog ownership.? (Other than "don't do it", which has been my position for several years)


blik said...

Awesome! A dog. I give you the "DO It" Tip. We read tons of books before getting our dog. Puppies are hard but they learn really fast. My tips....
-Research the dogs
-Crate Train it
-Get a family friendly SMART dog :) -Rent all the Cesar Milan AKA "The Dog Whisper" dvds BEFORE you get the dog!!
I'm so excited to see what dog you get! I have tips for not chewing on the stucco of the house.....anti-perspiration deodorant and I have No digging tips too...when you get there :):) Good Luck

Sarah said...

I'm SHOCKED! I never thought the day would come! lol.

Kim said...

Hi! Love the santa kiddos...so sweet!

Mylee said...

I can totally empathize with the "what are we doing to our kids" feeling. It is scary but they come out ok. It sometimes just takes a while and yeah they got you on the pet requests. Birds are one thing, dogs are another. I just totally recomment an outside dog. We have had both and even though out little inside dog was adorable (Crouton was his name by the way) he didn't shed or smell or anything but you always had to worry about him when you were gone. An outside dog is much easier to maintain. Plus training an inside puppy is way harder than a baby..I had both when Tenley was born. Holy cow... That is my two cents of advice...whatever you choose good luck!