If you don't believe, you don't receive!

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Jeff's work party this year was at the Phoenix Zoo "Zoolights" Santa was there and we enjoyed seeing him. Tyler especially was very excited and spent a lot of time talking to him. He has told anyone that will listen that he wants a "Screaming Banshee" (from the Cars movie). He is very excited that "Santa is going to put it under his bed on Christmas Eve"
Grant was very sweet. He told Santa to bring him whatever he wanted to. "I have never really told him anything before and he's always brought me good stuff, so I'll just let him decide" He also told me how glad he was that we got to see the "real Santa" because "those other Santas, the ones that help him are nice, but the real Santa is so nice. I've never even known anybody that nice!"
I had to "break the news" to Dallin earlier this month. I told the kids we wouldn't be getting a lot for Christmas because of the move and everything. So Dallin looks at me and says, "well, from you I just want a little present, but from Santa 'if he's real' I want a really big present!" Dallin is also the one that told me 2 years ago, he wasn't going to ask Santa for a Playstation 2. He wanted us to give him one, "I've asked Santa for that for the past 2 years and he hasn't' given it to me, I want YOU to give it to me!"
Haley is my good helper and fills in all the gaps about the history of Santa for the other kids.
I love the magic of Santa Claus. I believe!


Angie said...

Grant's comments about Santa are so sweet and Dallin's are hilarious!

Kim said...

Your kids are so cute and smart. That is such a great family picture with Santa. I'm starting to learn about the 'magic' with Konnor this year, he understands more than last year. Merry Christmas!