Summer to do list... UPDATE!

We have really enjoyed our "Summer to do list" (read about it this post). 
Here are pictures from recent activities:

Slip and Slide!

Talent Show!
Jeff demonstrated his incredible Rubik's cube skills

Grant did a pretty amazing card trick.

Dallin ate 13 pancakes! (after eating dinner, he also ate his candy bar prize without skipping a beat. I am beginning to understand what people talk about with teenage boys and their appetites!)
There were also many other talents: push ups, uno skills, fruit snack eating and piano playing.

Run a Race!
We inaugurated the first Judd/Lish/Hall family race around the block 
(.38 miles... I don't know how many "k's" that is)

Of course David won, but Haley was a close second. 
I came in last, but at least I finished :)
Thank you Summer to do list - We're having a blast!


Julie said...

David says that's just over half a K.

Angela said...

Good to know... That sounds about our style... "1st annual family half K"