72 hour kits

Over a year ago I took all the food out of our 72 hour kits because it expired in 2009. It has taken a year to get new food back in them... (Luckily we didn't need them in the meantime!)The old food kits were very fancy, a menu for each day with very cute individual cans and portions. I decided I needed to do something easier and that didn't need to be replaced as often. Also I wanted the food that we replaced to be something that was practical to eat when I switched it out. I found the answer in the Ensign... amazing :)

Basically to simplify each person gets:
Energy or protein bar for each meal, jar of peanut butter, saltine crackers and 2 bags of dried fruit (craisins, etc.)
I found emergency food bars on Amazon (link on picture) that last 5 years. I'm  happy not to have to rotate those. The peanut butter, crackers and dried fruit is something I can switch out once a year and we could use up easily.

For water I have had individual Mylar packs that have held up pretty well for several years. I tried one and it seemed fine. I ordered more from Amazon (link on picture) so now everyone has enough for all three days in their packs. I would certainly try to take some water bottles with us, but if we couldn't at least they would have the bare minimum.

I switched out the light sticks, batteries and toiletries. The boys' clothes moved down to the next younger brother. I made a backpack for Calvin with diapers and formula, along with all the baby kinds of things.

I also updated the tags for each bag. They include a family picture on one side with the name, birthday and addresses and phone numbers for us and our close relatives and out of town contact.

Yay! It's done for now. The increase in natural disasters in Arizona and around the world makes me appreciate the counsel to be prepared.

I left the big kits alone for now. They have lots of other things like a shovel, axe, toilet paper, garbage bags, tarps, etc. I think most everything in there should be ok. I need to wait for another burst of preparedness energy to tackle those.

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