What do you do in the summertime?

Summer is in full swing at the Judd house. Swim team and sports camps, job charts, swimming and video games... My friend had this cute idea on her blog. You can get a free printable here. I just printed it off and stuck it on top of a frame (it had something else in it) with double stick tape. We are starting to cross some things off. It's fun to see what we've done and get some ideas for things to do. 

 My kids have been doing great at their job charts too. I feel better about them playing video games and watching movies if I know they have been productive and gotten all their jobs done. I decided to give them Saturday's off this summer, we work hard all week and then when Jeff is home we don't have to spend all morning getting everything done. It will be good to have a day off. I just printed off and laminated some blank charts from here

I also wanted my boys to work on learning to type this summer. Typing their reports are taking way too long.... I looked around for a long time and finally decided on Type to Learn 4 from Amazon (link below). It is working great. They take a pretest and it gears the lessons to their level -from Tyler (age 6) up to Dallin (age 13). They do a lesson a day. 

Well... so far so good. Wish us luck. Happy summertime :)


Amye Kay said...

I just sat down at the computer to put something together for summer and saw your blog. I am using everyone of your ideas. Thanks so much Angie for your post! Happy Summer to you too!

Julie said...

I love the summer to do list! I wish I had a color printer. What a great idea!