My Guilty Pleasure...

A few weeks ago I gave in to my inner organizer. 
My name is Angie, I'm addicted to Diet Coke and I love to label. 
There I said it. I feel much better now. I really have to stop myself from labeling things. It's been a lot easier lately, because I really just don't have the time. But if I could I would print out a cute label for everything that didn't move.  

My darling 1 year old discovered the drawers in our coffee table. They were full of random card games, Nintento DS stuff, Leapsters and who knows what else. He would take out something, drop it somewhere in the house and then go back for more. I would just shove it back in and this was repeated about a dozen times every day. You can imagine what it looked like. (I wish I had taken a picture) A couple of weeks ago I remembered that oh yeah... I used to be organized and maybe I could even bring some order to these drawers. I found these containers at Wal-mart for about $1.50 each. They all fit perfectly, it was so exciting!!!

It was so fun... I forgot how much fun it is to have a project like this. I know I'm strange, but it made 
me happy to organize this little piece of my life. (Meanwhile the rest of my crazy life got a little less organized but it was totally worth it!) I even gave into the little voice in my head that said you should print off pictures of what is inside and laminate them and then label everything.

My kids are very impressed and have even played the games more now that we now where they are!

While I was at it I tackled my dresser of junk drawers where we keep all the random stuff in the house. It was a huge mess. No labels this time, but I love seeing everything so tidy. It wasn't even very hard or expensive. (The dividers are about $1 for 3 at Wal-mart) When I was done I showed everyone where everything went. So now it will stay like this forever, right? It is so nice now not to have to rummage through every drawer to find what we are looking for. 



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Julie said...

Will you come do my house now? It looks great!