The Plan... Dallin's turn

Dallin has not been the biggest fan of "the plan". He thinks I'm always trying to train him or teach him something. He already knows everything, so I am just wasting my time... :)

Sunday night was the exception. He really wanted chocolate chip cookies (sadly our freezer supply has been depleted) He said, "But mom, don't you need to teach me how to do this? I need to learn this!" (He had me at hello...) He was a great student and even though he wouldn't let me initial it in his book, he is well on his way to being a great cookie baker. 

 Everyone has to test the dough... it was great!
"Mom I think things just taste better when you make them yourself, and you appreciate them more. I don't want all the boys to eat up all my cookies! I worked hard on these!"
Lesson learned. Great job Dallin!

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