Calvin and Hobbes - The Walls are Just Packed

 Our family has a thing for Calvin and Hobbes. My boys can usually be found reading a Calvin and Hobbes comic book at some point in the day. For my 9 year old's birthday I decided to make him a wall size comic strip for his room. It was so much fun. I used to paint quite a bit, but the last 10 years or so I really haven't done much. It was fun to dust off the paint brushes and tackle this project.
Supplies were fairly simple. We used 8 stretched canvas's and acrylic craft paint. I think the hardest part was deciding which comic to use. 

I started out by sketching it onto the canvas in pencil, next I outlined everything in black. I put the colored paint on one color at a time. (I would color all the red on all 8 canvas's, and then the blue, etc. )Then I went back and touched up the black and added a few details. 
What it's all about

The birthday boy even helped out. He was happy to help me paint. 




Finally I put a coat of a clear water based polyurethane on each canvas. This helps to protect the surface and keeps the paint from flaking off.  We attached it to the wall with 3M Command strips.  (Love those!)

The finished comic strip hung on the wall. Happy birthday T-man!

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