Silhouettes... Check! One bucket list item completed.

 I've seen silhouettes and have always wanted to make them. I thought they were difficult... at least the tutorials I had seen seemed time consuming. Then I saw this tutorial on Pinterest. It finally made sense to me and seemed simple enough that even I could do it. 
Here are some simplified directions:  (read tutorial from Pinterest for more detailed information) 

Take a profile picture in front of a window. Print out picture on regular paper  to fit frame.

Tape photo onto black scrapbooking paper and cut around edges with an exacto knife.

This gives you your silhouette. Mount this onto heavy drawing paper that has been cut to fit frame and write child's name and the year below.  

I have been collecting oval frames at Goodwill for a while. I spray painted them all black.  I added the pictures. It is fun to see the differences and similarities between my kids. I love the finished product. 


Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

I LOVE these! I have always seen then, but never realized how easy they'd be to make.

Kris said...

Love how they turned out! I want to do this sometime, but just haven't taken the time. Love the frames!