Crushing on you...

One of my favorite traditions is our "Valentines Dinner of Family Love".  We have a fancy dinner of steak and shrimp and chocolate dipped strawberries. We also take the opportunity to tell each person why we love them. It is a special time for our family. 

 I saw this idea for a drink on Pinterest and had to copy. 
This will be fun for our dinner. Here is the link for the PDF I made. 
 When I got put in as Primary president in December it was crazy. We didn't have time to give the teachers a Christmas gift in appreciation for all they do. Now that things have slowed down a little bit we put these together (idea from Pinterest, once again) for the teachers for Valentine's Day. Here's the PDF (generic, just Primary kids) for that as well.
 I love Valentine's Day and it makes me appreciate my sweet family and husband. It's nice because there isn't the pressure like with Christmas, and often it's the small tokens of affection that remind us that we are loved.

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Kris said...

I did the Crush thing last year, but I didn't have the cute tag. :) From what I remember, they weren't as excited about it like I thought they were. I couldn't find bottles this year, so I bought a 2-Liter and will just serve it at dinner. Hopefully it will go over better this year if they can drink pop instead of milk for dinner! :) Love the rose petals on the table! We do chocolate covered strawberries as well. SO YUMMY! Have a fun day tomorrow!