First Day of School

I'm a little behind... o.k. a lot behind in posting these. But the kids are cute, so it's worth the wait, right? Everyone was very excited for the first day, up and ready really early. If only every day could go like that! The kids all really like their teachers. Dallin especially was glad to finally get his teacher. Haley had her for 2 years and Dallin has been looking forward to being in her class since then.

Tyler is home with me. I'm so glad. I think I'll be a wreck when he goes to school. I'm in denial about the whole growing up thing. I want him to stay little, we enjoy him so much. I'm so sad to leave our school. It is such a good school. It's been nice to be somewhere you know the teachers. It will be hard to start that process over again. This will be a harder year for the kids, having to switch schools. I'm glad they got to start at here!


Diana Cohen said...

My offer still stands to keep Dallin and Haley here...
Diana Cohen

svonharten said...

Dear Angie,

Thanks for the update! The kids are growing up! Hope your move goes smoothly and the house sells fast. Need to talk to your mom again. It was great to see her again. Hope the wedding plans are going well. Love, Aunt Sherry

Sarah Albrecht said...

Boy am I late. Sorry. I love your blog, pictures, news, etc. Thanks for sharing! CUNAZ (: